About Us

PearPita is not your ordinary smoothie and Pita concept, PearPita is a Healthy Lifestyle quick service restaurant alternative offering over 13 different variety of smoothies, salads, and delicious gourmet pitas, Greek rice platters and healthy snacks. As an alternative to traditional fast food fare, pearpita uses only fresh ingredients to create unique flavor profiles like Pad Thai Chicken and Signature BBQ pita, Greek Souvlaki Pita, The Famous Kabab pita, Chicken Caesar Salad and many more.

In today’s fast paced and high energy environment you need to most nutritious food and, consumers are seeking healthy alternatives, Pearpita provides the answer.

Additionally, Pearpita is able to cross cultural barriers in product offerings, meeting the needs of local consumers to experience new products, while also staying true to cultural or local taste preferences. We offer Halal services for our entire guest. Our food culture is a fusion of Greek, North America, Asian and Mediterranean.

Catering and special event service also available.
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Pear Pita_Waterloo_Ontario

Pear Pita | 619 Wild Ginger Avenue, Unit B7-B8 | Waterloo, Ontario | N2V 2X1
Phone: 519-880-8898 | Fax: 519-883-8898 | Email: